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Writers' Showcase

by Marian Brooks

Caroline stood at the doorway to the kitchen, hands on hips. Edward knew something was up although he pretended not to see her. He continued to work on his Sudoku. Fox News blared in the background. 

“We have to talk,” said Caroline.  

“Later,” he replied holding his hand up practically in her face.

“OK, when?” she asked.

“After the Eagles game” he suggested. “They really need to get rid of Andy Reed.”

Persistence was Caroline’s long suit. About an hour before the game, she gave it another shot. No luck. Edward was reading the newspaper, dozing on and off and watching Great Tank Battles of WWII on the Military Channel.

She turned off the TV which somehow woke him up. She had his attention finally and launched into how lonely she’d been. She estimated that Edward spoke about two hundred and ten words a day to her and that he wasn’t the least bit curious about her hobbies, the books she read, her friends or the stories she wrote. “We need to find a common interest like dancing or doing a 1000 piece puzzle, maybe playing Scrabble or Gin.”

All of this she shared with Edward. His eyes were closing.

After the football game, Caroline asked if he’d heard anything she said. He claimed that he “took it all in”.

“Well," she asked, “do you have even one, single suggestion for an activity we could do together?” 

“Yes,” he said. “I’ve given it a lot of thought. You are right and I am sorry. How about Russian Roulette? You can be first.”