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Writers' Showcase

At A Loss For Words
by Kristina England

“Snow prints!” Abigail said, jumping up and down in excitement.

Teresa followed her daughter’s pointing finger. Footprints wrapped their way around the side of her house.

She bent down and looked at Abigail.

“Stay here, sweetie. Mommy is going to check on something quickly. Oh, and let’s play the ‘I’m too cool to talk’ game. I’ll go first.”

Teresa took her hand and slowly zipped it along her mouth. She made balloons with her cheeks and took a deep breath in.

Abigail smiled and mimicked her mom.

Teresa gave her a thumbs up and then tiptoed across the snow to the side of the house.

Sure enough, a broken window.

Her breath caught. She felt light weighted. She turned nervously and began to tiptoe back.

“Is someone there?”

The world flashed white. Thousands of thoughts ran through Teresa’s head.

“Honey, is that you?”

Alarm turned to relief then to anger.

She pivoted around to the window.


“I couldn’t find my key. Your father was good at prying open windows. I got so nervous, I just up and threw a rock. Don’t worry, I’ve already called for a replacement.”

Teresa's eyebrows furrowed. She went to respond but then Abigail was there next to her.

Abigail looked up at the window. She looked at Teresa and motioned with her hand.

Teresa nodded.

Abigail unzipped her mouth.

“Nice aim, grandma!”