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Count William
by Tegon Maus

I had no idea what time it was, or for that matter, how long I had lay here. I let the darkness that surrounded me soak into me, absorbing its cool comfort through every pore of my body. The overwhelming satisfaction of my solitude filled me with an unparallel joy.

I could lay here, undiscovered for centuries were it not for the hunger that pulled at me with a relenting desire of its own. I ran my tongue over the sharp tips of my fangs, relishing the sweet memory of the last time they struck terror into the hearts of my victims. What held me harder still was the fear of discovery by the Others. They didn't understand me... they wanted to hunt me down...  destroy me. They would stop at nothing to put an end to me. If only I were not alone in the world... if somehow there were more of my kind lying in the dark waiting for the rising of the moon.

I could hear them even now... the heavy foot steps of the Others as they searched for me. Images of angry voices pitchforks, torches, fire, heartbreaking carnage suddenly filled my head.  My heart pounded as they drew closer to my sanctuary. My heart sank with dread... I was about to be discovered yet again.

I had but one chance... perhaps... just perhaps if I were to lunge at just the right moment... sink my teeth so deep, so fast that my victim wouldn't have time to shout for help... maybe I would survive... survive long enough to find one of my own.

I readied myself, getting into a crouched position so as to strike with a verbosity and speed that would surely shock my unwitting victim into stunned silence, assuring my victory.

At that instant my fortress of darkness was flooded with a bright unyielding light. I was stunned, caught off guard for the slightest of moments. I had no choice... I had to attack before all was lost.

“Aaahh,”  I snarled mincingly, lunging into the light with all my force.

“Mom ! He's doing it again,” my older sister, Lisa shouted.

“Billy ! How many times have I told you ?? That dishtowel is not a cape... you are not a vampire and you can not play in the hall closet,” Mom, now annoyed, shouted from the kitchen.     

“Yeah, Billy. You heard Mom,” Lisa taunted.

“It's count William to you stink face,” I returned, slowly pulling the door closed once more. I let the darkness that surrounded me soak into me, absorbing its cool comfort through every pore of my body. I could lay here for centuries...