Judgement Day

Judgement Day was the Silver Medal Winner
of the 'Fiction - Humor/Comedy' Category
of Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Awards - 2016

The comic, romantic, adventure thriller by Swan Morrison
Download now as an eBook - all platforms

Download now as an eBook - all platforms


Judgement Day is a true story. To preserve confidentiality, however, all the characters, facts and circumstances have been changed.

When a meteorite destroyed a house in a sleepy, English village, no one could have predicted the chain of events that would lead Swan Morrison and Helen Hargreaves to romance and would ultimately propel them into an epic battle for the very survival of mankind.

How can one adequately describe a novel that is (in alphabetical order): an adventure filled; archaeological; comic; crime featuring; dramatic; erotic; espionage laced; horror tinged; political; religious; romantic; science fiction; supernatural thriller with philosophical, satirical and allegorical undertones?

This affectionate tribute to many classic storylines is where the writers of the Archers meet the creators of Indiana Jones meet Dan Brown meet John le Carré meet E. L. James meet Stephen King meet Isaac Asimov meet Barbara Cartland meet Harold Robbins meet Colin Dexter meet Ian Fleming meet Woody Allen meet Douglas Adams – to name just a very few.

Incorporating a diversity of themes and genres exceeding the works of Shakespeare, together with an exploration of the relationship between man and God that is comparable to the great religious texts – all skilfully woven into a breathtakingly complex plot – this ground-breaking, multi-genre masterpiece may yet be judged to be one of the finest works of literature ever written.

Download now as an eBook - all platforms


The Author:

Swan Morrison/Brian Huggett

Swan Morrison is the pen name of Brian Huggett.
Brian lives with his wife in Hampshire, England.
He has been publishing work on the Internet and in print since 2001.

In 2006, he created the Short Humour Site at
http://www.short-humour.org.uk for comedy writing of around 500 words.

He has published three books of his own Short Humour - each containing one hundred stories, dialogues, poems, letters, spoof news reports, articles and songs.
These books are called:
A Man of Few Words,
A Man of a Few More Words,
A Man of Yet a Few More Words.
the Short Humour Trilogy website.

In addition, ten comic songs which were published in A Man of a Few More Words are also available in The Swan Morrison Songbook.

Swan published his first novel, Judgement Day, in September 2014.

He published a novella, Deep Black, in August 2015.
the Deep Black website.

The sequel to Judgement Day, Until the End of Time, was published in April 2020.
the Until the End of Time website.

In addition to his own writing, Swan Morrison has published five other books - each of which contains Short Humour by fifty different contributors to the Short Humour Site.
These books are called:
People of Few Words,
People of Few Words - Volume 2,
People of Few Words - Volume 3,
People of Few Words - Volume 4,
People of Few Words - Volume 5.

Interviews with Brian can be read at:
Awesomegang (2015):
Six Questions For... (2011):
Duotrope's Digest (2010):


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