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Rick and Rob from 'The Great Flâneur Narrative' Dispute Hashtagging
by Wallace Runnymede

Two characters from my novella The Great Flâneur Massacre, a fiction work soon to be re-released (Amazon, late June 2016) as part of a larger work The Great Flâneur Narrative, have recently been holding forth on the highly consequential and practical matter of how to tag one's intellectual blog posts appropriately.

Rick Aston Judas Khomeini-Butcher

I think my first two blog posts used too many tags. I limited the most recent one to five. I think five or fewer is a good way to do it in future. This applies to any websites I use too, such as

I think I allowed myself to be too anxious about whether or not anyone views my posts. However, reflecting on my work is of value in itself. I should not worry about how many people see my work, any more than I should worry about criticism. A “scholarship of limits” is surely important. Academia is the “art of the possible.”

Addendum: I’ve now removed some of the tags, but the choice of which to keep and which to remove was an interesting one. What criteria do we choose to tag something, and why? This is an interesting topic in itself.

Rob Schiller 

It is so very, very harsh to privilege one number above another! If only you understood how they feel! I mean, just ask Russell!

Also: I should not worry about how many people see my work, any more than I should worry about criticism? That's sheer positivism! Intellectual products are never value-free, neutral and objective!

Oh, and by the way: addendum? What on earth do you mean? Trying to coercively impose semiotic closure upon a text by arbitrarily distinguishing centre and margins is sheer hegemony! I just have no idea how privileged, logocentric bigots like you ever managed to get into a position of power!

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