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by Doug Hawley


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Julie Collins – We are back with our fourth interview with Dook, who represents the Angwins, or what we had called Yetis or abominable snowmen. Today, we’d like to talk about a controversial area, the beliefs or religion of the Angwin. Welcome back Dook.

Dook – Same to you Julie.

Julie Collins – So what is your religion or beliefs?

Dook – We don’t subscribe to anything which might be called a religion, but some of our mutant retrogrades have adopted some of the beliefs of the lands in which they live.

Julie Collins – Some might think that you would be Buddhists given your proximity to Tibet.

Dook – We have absolutely learned from our neighbors. There emphasis on leading good lives in general resonates with us, and we learned yoga and meditation from them, but for practical rather than spiritual reasons. The idea of Nirvana does not appeal much to us. We like having a good time.

Julie Collins – And what have you taken from the Hindus?

Dook – Again, I would say their belief in ethical living, as is emphasized in most religions. The same is true of the lesser known Zoroastrianism.

Julie Collins – And their many gods and belief in reincarnation?

Dook – First, I think that the emphasis on the multitude of “gods” is overdone. Secondly, we think that when we die, we are gone.

Julie Collins – Islam?

Dook – We do not disparage any belief as long as it does not condone violence. We have not had much contact with Muslims despite them living close by.

Julie Collins – No eternal life, no supreme being?

Dook – No. Chuckles. We don’t imagine a giant bearded patriarch in the sky. The universe may be the ultimate intelligence, but there is no way that we would know.

Julie Collins – What of Western Religions like Christianity, or smaller faiths like Latter Day Saints or Scientology?

Dook – We have studied them and adapted anything that we find helpful. We like most of the teachings of Jesus, but suspect that he was misquoted on occasion.

Julie Collins – So much for what you don’t believe. What do you believe?

Dook – As I mentioned, we simply believe in leading good lives. As isolated and few as we are, we must rely on mutual support. We have our mythology, parables and allegories which we don’t necessarily take literally, but use as learning devices.

Julie Collins – Could you give us some examples?

Dook – Our legends say that early Angwin witnessed the extinct Harrapan civilization of the Indus River and learned ecological lessons from its demise. They cut down the forest and their land became desiccated. Lesson – don’t destroy your home by overbuilding. It has been passed down that earlier lowland Angwin were there during the Vedic period of early Hinduism when the battles were fought and destruction was wrought. Lesson – avoid conflict. We wish that lesson was used more often, especially now in the Middle East.

There is Angwin folk wisdom. “I don’t need any more snow or oxygen.” “Try some condiments on your fungus.” As you can imagine, these are particularly suitable for us.

Julie Collins – Many religions, ethnic groups or nationalities believe that they have a founder. How about you?

Dook – The elders tell a story about Angwine, a person of ambiguous sexuality who lived thousands of years ago in what was pre-civilization Iraq. He/she is supposed to resemble current Angwin and lived for hundreds of years with many husbands and wives in a rich kingdom. The story may be as real as Santa Claus, or it may be a concatenation of a number of real progenitors of the Angwin today.

Julie Collins – I’m sure that I could ask a million more questions, or at least twenty, but that is all that I have prepared. Do you have any final comments?

Dook – A couple. Our scholars ran across an account of a religion which died out, but in its early history it developed along with Judaism. Its beliefs speak to us more than other organized religions. Oddly, a description of it was published in the online journal Potluck – Elrod (

On a completely unrelated note, the major country that had spurned us recognizes us now that its leader has quit in disgrace.

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