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Writers' Showcase

The Lady of the Shire
by Ian Curtress

When was she first spotted. The Lady of the Shire
Rumours started slowly. When sitting around pub fire
Most thought imagination or someone having fun
But then a reliable source said he’d seen her in the setting sun
He thought it Minchinhampton. But the light was rather dim
Could have been nearer Stroud, the mist was rolling in

What he did see in that fleeting glance was an enigmatic smile
Goose pimples ran down his spine caught his breath ‘against a stile
He told no one until that night. Stories being told in local Inn
Heard someone saying the Lady is a myth. The room went quiet, as suddenly he broke in

It’s not a myth he firmly said . They huddled closer to the fire
I have seen a beauty such as never seen. The Lady of the Shire
An old lady in a shadowed corner, unnoticed until she spoke
The gentlemen’s right she muttered. Her voice almost a croak

It’s not a happy story of so long ago.
The Lady loved by a gentleman. But he of many years
Knew and accepted what could only end in tears
But such passion could not be dismissed and he was content she understood
That gorgeous smile and laughing eyes. Leave them, he never could

Such unselfish Love so seldom seen. One might truly say unique
Surrounding like a heavenly cloud. There was no need to speak
Time of course solved the tryst. Angels stood in single file
And those close to where he lay swore he had the Lady’s smile

Although his love was not returned he was often missed
And as years past she oft pondered could fate have a final twist
Father Time evened out the years. Another sphere exists
And she rides the hills still looking to recapture times now missed

Who knows the power of love our emotions to enhance
And who would deny the possibility we have a second chance
But she is now contented as she searches. The same eyes and smile as past
I would like to think they’ll meet up one day and accept their fate at last.

Part 2: The Gentleman of the Shire