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Writers' Showcase

The Gentleman of the Shire
by Ian Curtress

Seen first by lovers sitting contented in their car. Slightly misty evening could not see so very far
He looked as if his surroundings were to him now rather vague, neatly dressed, of uncertain age
Enigmatic smile, strange expectant then an expression unresolved
As if near his destination but uncertain, the figure just dissolved

This was a favourite spot for these lovers, their passion never hidden
They would walk the many bridle paths, resting on an old worn seat where many folk had ridden.
One summers evening on their seat an elderly local sat
He seemed very friendly, possibly lonely and was pleased to have a chat

So they told him of the gentleman they’d seen on that Autumn night
His expression a transformation ,as he listened his eyes alight
He told of the story known to just a few, of a love beyond belief
Where an ageing Gentleman fell in love with one so young, time became the thief

Known as the Lady of the Shire. Her life they say was charmed
Many knew her part in local history, so when sighted were not alarmed
Some say with such an honest and lasting love fate gave a second chance
But they would have to find each and have a final dance

None have seen both he and she, it seems they search in vain
But with love so everlasting it eases any pain
The old man said, all who know the story, remember in their prayers
To ask a happy ending. To such a love as theirs

Part 3: The Glory of the Shire