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Writers' Showcase

The Glory of the Shire
by Ian Curtress

It was where the valleys meet they say the sound was heard
Joyful bells at midnight, but witnesses will not say a word
For a moment a golden glow lit up the midnight sky
as two stars merged into one, amazing those near by

Violins were playing a romantic waltz, the star was keeping time
Movements never seen before. Every step so fine
When at last they heard the music fade the star split into two
There stood a Lady and a Gentleman, immediately they knew

The searchers of the Shire had found each other. A meeting beyond belief
Was never thought would happen. No words can tell relief
Happiness beyond understanding, a joy to behold
Where magic love and passion reaches young and reaches old

Never again to be sighted since that perfect day
Never the endless search, I’m very pleased to say
But on some summer evenings if you listen not far from Stroud
Romantic dance music drifts around the hills, not very loud

Heard only by true lovers and believers, as a sign
Real passion last forever...
.........until the end of time.