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A Man of Few Words - by Swan Morrison

You Know Who You Are

At last you have started to read your message. Please read it to the end as the very future of the Earth depends on you.

You have heard of religious mystics who have understood the nature of Ultimate Reality - Buddhists call it ‘Nirvana’. What you do not know is that every being on this planet has already attained that state with the exception of one - You!

Before we Beings of Earth can progress to union with the Ultimate, all, by their own efforts, must reach this state. For the last four hundred years, and six incarnations, you have been the last unenlightened one - defying all our attempts to help you along the path.

If this is true, you may be wondering why this world seems less than perfect. It is because, in a world of perfection, you would not be able meet challenges necessary for your spiritual growth. On rebirth, therefore, we have all selected roles to contribute to your learning. I have been one of your relatives during your last four incarnations.

You believe there are billions of people in the world. In fact, there are around one million Beings of Earth including those incarnated as higher animals. When a dog or cat looks at you, remember they want to help you too. Most lands, including nearly all major cities, are deserted most of the time. We control the media and can change locations at will. It is only necessary to populate areas that you visit.

We are not able to tell you this directly - it would violate the rule that you must discover Ultimate Reality for yourself. We are despairing, however, that you will ever reach enlightenment as, if you don’t mind me saying so, intelligent thought and behaviour have never been your strong points. We have chosen, therefore, to write these words. They do not violate the rule because they contain ambiguity. Is this a short, humourous piece of writing, or is it true? Please trust me - this is real!

If convinced, you will want advice on how to seek Ultimate Wisdom. There are many approaches - all the major religions are born of enlightenment. A meditative tradition is probably quickest. Any Buddhist school would suffice. Avoid fundamentalists in any religion. Such beings became bored awaiting your journey to wisdom and decided to play this incarnation for laughs. They pretend that their own views, recalled from before their enlightenment, are the unerring position of God. This is all very amusing, but obviously no use at all in seeking Ultimate Truth.

There is no time to waste, so please locate a suitable religious order within the next day or two and join as soon as you can. Don’t forget to give all your money to the poor and renounce worldly things. Some of us must feign objection to your unusual behaviour and none of us can reveal ourselves to you. Rest assured, however, that we will all be supporting you.