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Writers' Showcase

Yoga Everywhere
by Gaby Bedetti

Do you like to practice yoga?
at a conference in Dakota?
on a goat farm in a toga?

You do not like yoga, so you say.
Try it! Try it! And you may.

Would you like it here or there?
Could you, would you at the Y
at the Livery
at the Horse Park
at Raven Run
at McConnell Springs
at Woodland Park
at Henry Clay
at Whitaker Bank Ballpark
on Shaker Pond?

I do not like it here or there.
I do not like it anywhere.

Would you, could you on the green
in a gazebo
on a paddleboard
in a beer garden
on the field
by a graveyard?

Would you like it
at the solstice
in the moonlight
at the sunrise?

If you will let me be,
I will try it. You will see.

Say! I like yoga! I do!
And I would do it with a brew
in the candlelight
with a partner.

I’ll be the base,
you be the flyer.
I’ll do the down dog,
you do the high wire.