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Where The Ge-moes Are
by Rick Tornello

Where the ge-moes are?

Buried and hiding with and within the bodies.
In concrete embedded crypts, crypts, crypts
so they can’t slip out and,
slip, slip, slip.
But concrete is porous.
Where into the water that you sip, drink, sip.
Where no one feels the changes.
But bit, by bit, by bit, and sip by sip by sip.
Where into our brains, of once rational thinking beings,
Where into the brains, slowly rewired and now quietly quite insane.
Where pure madness becomes where once sanity reigned.
Where madness said enough becomes the truth…and
Is forsooth today’s new normal hip, hip, trip.

That’s where the Ge-moes are.
That’s where the Ge-moes are.
That’s where the ge-moes are.


By, Richard Tornello,