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Wheels in Motion Rolling Down the Road
by Rick Tornello

The Narrators voice is heard over the background noise, cars and trucks stop and sometimes go with diesel smoke belching and a video screen of gridlock. Hazy morning sun and jets approaching Dulles International airport dumping fuel a few hundred feet above.

“This dear audience is for your entertainment and not so deep consideration. Or if you choose otherwise, that is to make yourself clinically mad, you could simply follow the goings on 30 or so miles east of here in our nation’s capital. But this is much more fun.

Here we all on route 50 East, bound deep inhaling exhausted, tied in traffic sitting, no movement yet a lifetime of 3 red lights gone by now. Only to move a vehicle length or so, while again, repeat the same.

“Even SIMs the game, simple as it is, which upon fact and science framed, wouldn’t allow this to proceed.

“However, our leaders voted for, for sooth asleep at the voting booth, sitting, inhaling CO now in a coma induced putrefied mind dreaming campaign dollars dollar reaping.

“How can it be that our sagacious advisors and planners, all those bodies in the know, didn’t figure on the directions to work you’d all decide go? They said to me straight faced, I swear, I do declare:

Instead of taking northbound travel for a southerly location, WE didn’t figure you dear public would, would on this new parkway, in this direction repair. Confident were we, oh not for some years would we gridlocked be.’

“No liquor plied nor drugged, and he swore, not a lie. That’s exactly over lunch what was stated to me.

I checked just in case if this was April the first and some joke in bad taste placed. But no and in an outburst asked, “Why on Earth would I go north and then south and stuck again, when a right hand turn takes me short to work? You’re pulling my leg? What are you smoking and not sharing? Do you think I’m a jerk?”

“We just didn’t plan for it,” came back the reply.

This dear audience is just the tip of working and commuting here in this current technical brain central hub. The traffic’s not moving, so what do you care? Your car has radar control, no concentration to be faked. No need to look up and no bumper you’ll brake. Just download and listen. You might laugh, you might cry, especially as the guy in a suit, on that bicycle face-masked but still gassed, passes you by.

Insult to injury? Just think Amazon’s amazing 25000 more abounding East in the morning, some coffee to drink and a catheter wound. Catheters, a low-tech option for urban vehicle travel-bound found especially in this county rich in wealth but parsimonious in planning and simple civil urban engineering health

So now as you sit and stew in your Tesla-Ford-BMW front window view, your hours in traffic and quality of life dictated by the vehicle time confined, and mad.Welcome to Loudoun and Fairfax Counties VA, some of if not the richest counties in the USA.

Beep beep, toot toot.

by RdotTornello 2018 & the Village idiot Press