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What's Your Hurry, Here's Your Hat
by Rick Tornello

Mawmaw’s gone and that’s a fact
We’re all here but now she is not.
Mom and dad gave her the boot.
From under her roof they kicked her out
Though not a peep we heard, not a shout!
“She sold it to us,” They said in fact.
But sis and I, we know the truth.

We know she wants to come back for sure.
She’s always helping with some family chore.
She is our backup when, and we know that’s true,
When dad and mom, have work to do.

Mawmaw lives with our replacement pop
It’s about 4 miles away, it’s just a hop.
We’d like her back. We want her to stay.


Upon some thinking, upon some thought
the reasons about her and her toss…
Cause when she comes she’s quite a boss.
She raised our mom, but she’s not us.
Maybe her boot is not a loss.
A visit yes, if from her house.

We’d love to see you. Please come back.
So what’s your hurry? And here’s your hat.

By RdotTornello 2017 & The Village idiot Press