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Writers' Showcase

We're Already A Hydrogen Society
by Rick Tornello

Trimethylzanthine starts our days, awake the eyes and dust away.
Trimethylzanthine in my blood
Trimethylzanthine gets me out of the roost
Mixed with water
Trimethylzanthine gives me THE boost.
Trimethylzanthine runin round my brain

Trimethylzanthine     decapitated?
Why the bother,        I won’t get it.
Dishwater flavored without the suds,
Rather drink water for all that does.

Trimethylzanthine in my veins
Do with out and it hurts my brain.
Trimethylzanthine better than hard grain

Can drive my car, well, bit jittery could claim.
Hydrogen economy for years in place,
You just have to know which store to face.
Trimethylzanthine runnin round my brain