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Watch Repair
by Andy Foster

Good afternoon, sir. Can I help you?

Yes, thank you. Do you repair watches?

We do indeed. Let’s have a look, and see whether we can identify the problem.

Okay. But before I give you my watch … there’s one thing you ought to know.


It’s not actually broken.

It’s not actually broken?


So, may I ask, sir, exactly what is the problem with your watch?

The problem with my watch?


Well … for one thing, it doesn’t show the time.

Your watch is not broken, but it doesn’t show the time?

That’s right.

That sounds very much like broken, to me. Could I take a look?

Yes, of course. Here it is.

Thank you, sir. Ah … and your problem is, that it doesn’t show the time?

That’s correct.

I can see now why it doesn’t show the time. You’re right, it’s not broken at all, is it?

No, it’s not.

But also, it’s not actually a watch, is it, sir?

Er … I have to agree with you there; no, it’s not actually a watch.

In fact, it’s a cabbage, sir, isn’t it?

Yes, it is. Yes, you’re quite right; it is, in fact, a cabbage.

And you want me to ‘repair’ your cabbage?

Well, yes, of course … just think how cool that will be, if my cabbage shows the time!