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Writers' Showcase

Vascco de Chipmunk
by Rick Tornello

Vascco de Chipmunk the navigator of history and fame
A chipmunk so bravely on the helm where no distance is insane.
Now peering over the bow of her sea going bowl
seeking for fair flung peanutry food
to fill her stomach, her hold and her brood.

Photo by June Yamayoshi 2018

And while atop the green canopy she sails
scanning the fore and after tail,
and ignoring the dangers above
where a possibility of hawks, she prevails
her duty, her job, and her love
the dangers to the great navigator still she sets sail.

Vascco de Chipmunk
And morning after morning from our door
Aboard her bowl, outward bound, while fast and furious
her peanuts found.

by RdotTornello 2018 & the Village idiot Press