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Trip Triks Trip Tix
by Rick Tornello

Hoo-ray hoo-ray today’s the day
To the Outer Banks we go From north VA, today, hoo-ray.
Me and mom and dad and Sis
All in the car. But it’s supposed to be far.
All strapped down, all belted in, gee-wiz
Hoo-ray hoo-ray, now, not tomorrow, yea Today
The vacation trip is about to begin.
As down the street we go, I look about.
Five to ten minutes, an eternity………out ,
From the window out highway 95 I look about.
I wonder hmmm, “Are we there yet?”
I wait for what seems forever, I hesitate, “Are we there yet?”

“Are we there yet are we there yet?”
“No,no,no and NO,” from the front seat comes the shouted reply

An eternity forever and a day I begin to say: “Why,

“No, we are not there yet,” The driver’s voice spoke.

I hear whispered,
“My god, Devin, where’s some Benadryl and a Coke?”

“For her? You joke!”

From the front seat I hear Mommy say,

“No, for me this is driving vacation hell.
Next time she rides with Grandma.”

But I know that idea will never sell.
So, in response and in repos, I’m quiet for a while.

Then Sis reads a sign, aloud, “North Carolina five more miles.”

“What? Where? Are we still in America?”
“I want to know, it’s important.”
“Are we there yet?”

No answer. So I sit… and… wait and…

yawn…             then…

           Sprawled across the seat belted in,
                                                    mouth agape and unaware:

“Honey we’re there,” comes a voice out of no where.

By RdotTornello 2016 & The Village idiot Press