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Writers' Showcase

This Ain't The Circus Of The Sun
by Rick Tornello

Grandma clamps a laugh, yet escapes a sigh
Remembering well times gone bye
Her daughter’s answer years ago
Similar acts tonight, so apropos:

“What have I always said?
What DON’T we want to do tonight?”

(You know that Grandparental taciturn silenced stare)

To that first question raised above,
A silence with falsely pondered thought,
For a second,
And then, and then…
Replied with a smile, with a grin:


“The house is not a jungle gym?”'

“And so what else have you to say?”

Grandma knows the one that answers first looses face,
So taciturn silence follows hence.

Deep thought’s silence again…though we know
They know,
that we know they know,
And then,
staccato’s laughing refrain:

As if to reinforce the admonition
Adding to the loco-motion
Through the air the little on flies
Smiling all the while glides
From the fifth step high
Into the arms of her big sister crashing slides.

Grandma clamps a laugh, escapes a sigh.
“Stop! Enough! Or I may die.
To the kitchen for some pie.”

By RdotTornello 2015 & The Village idiot Press