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The Importance of Looking Good When Young
by Kevin Synnott

I was invited to a formal dance at a private girls' high school in the 1960s when I was nineteen. I agreed to go to the dance and began to prepare for the big event. I rented a white sports jacket and I purchased a wrist corsage.

I wanted to look good and realizing that the dance was held in January, I investigated methods of tanning because I had light skin. I purchased a bottle of Man Tan. This lotion when applied was suppose to turn the skin to a golden tan. I followed the instructions and applied it two days before the dance.

The day of the dance I was a bright orange. The color was in the skin and would not work its way out for weeks. I determined I could not let my date down so I decided to attend the dance. I recall ringing her doorbell and being greeted by her parents. Although they tried, they could not conceal their amazement caused by looking at the bright orange young man in a white sports jacket holding a wrist corsage in the doorway. They did recover and graciously invited me in.

We had a good time at the dance. Most, if not all, of the participants spent time, a lot of time "digging" the orange guy. We had many laughs that evening.

I did get the last laugh. The photos taken before and during the dance were in black and white. When the developed photos were returned by mail two weeks later, I looked gorgeous.