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The Fairground Operator
by Stephen Philip Druce

I had the misfortune to share a fairground ride with a surgeon and his patient.

As we spun around on the ride the surgeon had the audacity to perform a sex change operation.

I said to the surgeon - "sir, are you sure this is the most appropriate environment for you to be making a primary incission into your patient's perineum?. I admire your medical expertise and practical dexterity, but isn't it a little conspicuous and out of context in a fun park?. Surely clamping and ligating the right spermatic cord ia a violation that contravenes fairground policy regarding operations of this nature. The continued incission up the ventral side of the shaft is misplaced and somewhat tasteless in my opinion. I had no prior warning i would be subjected to this graphic sausage dicotomy: the vision of developing genital skin to the anterior flap. Your dissection of the uretha from the shaft is an imposition upon my squeamish disposition, and though this encounter may be transitory, I have no desire to witness any anatomical seperation that will assure a fleshy stump. I wholly disapprove of your perennial dissection as i've always been a firm believer that fairground rides and sex change operations cannot co-exist aesthetically or morally. Your perforation of the anterior flap - that is implemented to position the urethal meatus undermines the innocent frivolity spectacle the fairground industry endeavours to convey. Suturing the skin flaps and placing them in the new position may be a medical phenomenon, but I am not enamoured by them ugly demonstrative method you have utilised within the public arena here today. In light of this I feel I must contact the necessary authorities and sue you for medical negligence".

The surgeon said - "you're just prejudice against surgeons that chop dicks off on fairground rides".