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The Ballad Of Clan Mac Aroon
by Harris Tobias

Listen ye now to a story
The history of Clan Mac Aroon
Tis a tale to set brave hearts a tremble
And cause many a faint heart to swoon

The English were thick in the Highlands
Each with a sword neath his goon
They were searching the moor and the heather
For the King's diamond encrusted spitoon
But they needn't ah looked any further
Twas in the hands of the Clans Mac Aroon

The fight that ensued was ferocious
With many a fine lad laid doon
Through it all the bagpipes were playin atrocious
It made the British just wonna gae hoom
The Clan was stubborn and bent on destruction
And they fought to the last Mac Aroon

When the dust and the smoke had all  settled
And the battle was over and doon
There was naught but a pile of rubble
Where the Mac Aroon castle had boon
But the English went home empty handed
For although the battle they woon
They never more saw the King's cuspidor
Nor slew they the last Mac Aroon

So we sing and we drink our proud fellows
Whose brave sons were laid in their tomb
For they fought and they died
On the wide Firth of Clyde
Just to spit in an English spitoon
The glorius Clan Mac Aroon