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That's Magic
by Stephen Philip Druce

I performed at the magicians open mic night - exited at the prospect of a new career in show business.

I asked for a member of the audience to volunteer for my new trick, on the condition they had body odour.

A man with body odour voluntered and I vowed to make the smell disappear.

"How are you going to do that?" yelled the audience.

"Watch" I replied, and I shoved him into a fish tank full of water and scrubbed his armpits with my magic wand.

Then I dragged him across the stage and asked for another volunteer to smell the armpits of the man, to prove I'd made the smell disappear.

Nobody voluntered.

"Why doesn't anyone want to smell the volunteer?" I asked them.

The audience yelled back - "because he might have body odour!".