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Writers' Showcase

Some Self-Made Thoughts While Still Alive
A Response to Questions Posed

by Rick Tornello

Gray hair wrinkled skin, yeah I’m old
Worry’n ‘bout things   I got no control.
Laughing, for those I do, I take good care;
For those I don’t, it gives me a good scare.
From around this planet, (the only one I’ve known)
The news is bleak and been that way for?
More than a day, a week?
Maybe more like a month;
To be precise and in retrospect, all my life.
Inhale exhale.
My sister screams about mercury in the vaccines?
The CDC and medical magazines.
What about the fish I eat more of that than eat vaccines?
I’m a walking thermometer.
P.S. Carp diem, quam minimum credula postero

By, Rick Tornello 2016 & The Village idiot Press