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Writers' Showcase

Q&Q With Devin Townsend
by Daniel Ableev

What would you rather have invented – the 0 or the 1?

If you were to lick stuff from your elbow, what should it rather be?

What’s the stupidest/smartest thing you've ever seen/sawn/said/sawed?

You are well-known, if not infamous, for being a synaesthetician. Which other collaborations would you love to be part of?

What will music/metal be like in the year 888,888,8889?


Why doesn't MARTYR's Warp Zones get the attention it deserves so badly? What to do about similar cases of underappreciated hypertalent?

What is the equivalent of prog metal in cinema/literature/food/foot (toot)?

Whom would you rather snort – Lady Gaga or Baba Dada?

How many Sliders are needed to cause a level-6 melancolic?

What is the exact opposite of Braille? Or, to put it bluntly: Why do you think that music is hugely overrated? I mean, it's just soundwaves2brainwaves, right?

What are some of your favorite ____________?

Do you enjoy licorice with coffee? If not: Can you lick your own Elbow (band)?

What about Levitation? Or Levitron? Or elbows – are they just a necessary evil?

And what the frell is a “Quomputum?”