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Pre-Prom Jitters
by Paul Finnigan

It was dusk when Kip Fairfield pulled into the parking lot of the McHuron Funeral Home. It was prom night and as a favour to his girlfriend, Vicky, Kip had agreed to pick-up Brad McHuron who was escorting her best friend. Kip and Brad weren’t really buddies but were teammates on the Grandview High School Football Team. Kip straightened his bow tie, his hand still trembling slightly as he rang the doorbell. Suddenly the door burst open wide.

“Boo!” howled Brad.

Kip backpedaled down a few steps.

“Jesus H. Christ! You scared the livin’ hell out of me.”

“C’mon in Kip,” snickered Brad. “You look like you came to attend a funeral or something.”

“No offense, Brad, but this place always gave me the creeps. You ready to go?

“Soon,” Brad replied. “But we’re not suppose to pick-up the girls for another hour or so. Besides you seem a little edgy. I think I’d better fix us a stiff one.”

“Hey I’m driving, remember,” Kip grumbled.

“One for the road can’t hurt,” chuckled Brad.

Brad led Kip into a room, flicked on the light and there stretched out on a stainless steel table lay the naked body of a male cadaver. Kip burst out into the hallway clutching his stomach and gasping for air.

“I never make idle promises,” Brad exclaimed, laughing hysterically. “The McHurons will always be the last to let you down! C’mon, Kip, I think you could use that drink now.”