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Power outages - NO - Power outrages!!
by Christine Reeve

Technology so far advanced that people (rich people) can book a flight to the moon! Space scientists and researchers are predicting life on Mars... so why can’t we live without power? Or why should we live without power?

Settling down, gotcha feet up. . . . and zap-zap... power failure – seriously, phone won’t charge – disaster!! No lights, no T.V. simply because, my life is shit and the electricity Gods are screwing with me(boo hoo) or for whatever reason.. the power is out... and that has wrecked my life, albeit momentarily.

NOO!! I don’t care how they coped with no-power 150 years ago. NO I don’t care that our ancestors lived in caves! I’m assuming, well if it’s true about reincarnation – I’VE ALREADY BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!! And because of reasons above I don’t see how a power supply that I pay an arm and a leg for – can randomly cease!

So what are the ‘do-gooder’ ‘greenies’ doing with their sustainable energy? Nothing - because sustainable energy relies on electricity. And when you’re using the sustainable energy that the electricity companies are none too happy about, electricity companies then make the rule that you have to have electricity to run you’re environmentally saving energy. So when the power is out, there ain’t any power for anyone!!

Yep you can get some new fan-dangled battery to run your environmentally friendly power, when the power goes out, but who could afford such a thing after you’ve paid the electric bill. And once the power companies get hold of that, phff, and if there’s no sun, wind or rain you’re as f^#*ed as the rest of us.

Solar energy needs sunlight... if there’s no sun energising those grids, not sun powering up that battery, well you’re plugging in that electricity – let’s hope there’s no power outage!

Wind turbines – need wind! No wind, no power you have to plug in the ‘ol electricity! Hydro generator – needs water and unless you happen to have a dam that holds mega litres of water or you live on a river – bad luck in drought season – turn to and then turn on the town/cities electricity supplies.

Do-gooder greenies, it’s all too easy for them to change the world, stop horse racing, stop dairy farming, stop sheep shearing – but hang on a minute, do the tree huggers, conservationist use fly spray? 

Sure there are natural sprays for the environment, but what about the poor little fly? I’ll bet when that fly zooms through the door... vizzzz, grr, and goes vizzz zzzzzz vizzzz all around the place whilst greenie is trying to make his/her lunch – out with the spray wishshsh wishshsh... poor little fly going vizzzzzzzz vizz vizzz vizzz viz viz viz and spinning all in circles all disorientated. 

Cruelty in its highest form wouldn’t you think? Viz viz vizzzzz viz viz... Excuse me, do-gooder aren’t you just causing the most heinous act of cruelty, you know -what you accuse all animal people of?