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Writers' Showcase

Of Fog and Sea Changes
by Rick Tornello

There’s a feeling in my mind, or maybe its just guess,
from past experiences, but not knowledge of,
a portending sea change as we go about our business,
restricted and confined, to different degrees according to the needs and levels of insecurity which create the unsureness of walking in a thick fog
from a perceived clarity that once was, and is no longer,
but not yet admitted, acknowledged or imagined
and we become lost.

Unlike a physical attack, invasion or death of a god,
many are rearranging chairs while their children roller-blade in the sub divisions,
the XM radio band plays on,
and the clowns and puppets on the screen tell US things will be okay
hoping we won’t recognize the dimensional shift we just took,
while having one foot in with the other all too probably soon to follow.

Temporarily restricted and confined but with new borders, social and otherwise,
subducted, subtle or maybe not so subtle
as we free up and emerge again
only in reverse, from the butterfly to the caterpillar.

by Rick Tornello 2020 & The Village idiot Press