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No, Not Like Them At All*
by Rick Tornello

Not being one of them
With the access riches and heaven,
this life, up in the AM
toast and coffee,
the weather and then
The sly compulsory news, so depressing,
most depressing.

So sitting here while to the news I’m verbally addressing
of course, no recourse; realizing of course
that unless I am bonded with Alexia type girl for verbal intercourse,
no one will hear, or less care what I say
within and without the thoughtless political vacuum of today.

But should they of any deviance beware.
A police state stare,
a heavy knock on the door
or worse,
that is, only if they care.

Do you dare?

*Referring to Fitzgerald’s comment on the rich

By, RdotTornello
The Village idiot Press 2019