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Writers' Showcase

None Spared
You Can't Hide From The Electric Slide
by Rick Tornello

Cars, trucks, taxies, busses, bikes,
traffic screeches to a halt.
and exited all
cars, trucks, taxies, busses, bikes.
None spared.

Speech? Stopped mid sentences eyes raised
Cooking? Food burned.
Loving? Questioning lover abandoned.
Ears cocked towards?
And a slight movement begins.
None spared.

And From the heavens IT reverberates
from radios, TV, and without IT transmits
the universal call
The tune comes through to all.
They all line up.
None spared.

If on cue
The women of the world
If on cue
Dance the dance of the alien plan
If on cue
Organized dancing feet
If on cue
The electric slide’s hypnotizing beat.
None spared.

The blushing bride forsakes her newly acquired spouse,
the car, the party, the brand new house.
To the alien call they bend and turn and twist and prance
To the alien call, they all dance.
None spared.

If you don’t believe me?
the next party the next time played

Yes, see What happens when it’s played:
They all get up and in a line begin
back and forth, side to side, round and round
as if controlled by a foreign brain.
None spared.

The plot thickens a genesis
Book of old said it all:
“The women of humans are lovely, comely and smart.
We will take them as partners, lovers and wives.”
Today our technology they finally understand.
Together we will leave this planet hand in hand.

None spared.

Men of Earth will now be free to kill
as they please.
None spared
We have their women
and to them, with them
we will please as they please.

None spared.

by RdotTornello 2014 & the Village idiot Press