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My Name is Glitch
(A cat's tale)
by Rick Tornello

My name is Glitch and I tend to twitch
So unlike a normal cat.
I’ve had this great affliction
Ever since a glass door, I head first hit.
T’was just a young and feral cat rescued by some folk;
into adoption placed with me this writer kook
who upon insistence transcribed my past woes, so
all you cats to beware, forewarned. Please do take note.
On yonder side of glass, one day
of which I was to spy and find
was munching on some peanuts
a chipmunk, the fat and yummy kind.
My instincts ignited and I alighted
from zero to full speed.
Only to discover
though it looked so clear and free
Glass? Surprise!
It stopped me cold. Poor, poor, brain damaged me!
I smashed my head at a now non-zero speed.
Front to back I felt my pain and my mommy I did need.
And my body wanted to compress from head to my tail.
My eyes rolled up. The pain it swelled.
Throughout my body, t’was instant hell!
I thought that I might die
and was worried oh so dire.
But to my great surprise
I didn’t expire,
and slowly gained my pride.
Unsteady at first I walked away
wondering what had just transpired?
When that big fat chipmunk the door he tapped
his invisible Aegis hiding behind and protected.
He was smiling wide and bravely, calmly, beckoned.
I turned and ran at this tiny morsel,
thinking oh but you’re mine you fool.
I’m a cat with teeth and claws
and you’re a rodent oh so tasty and oh so small.
But I remembered and quickly summed it all
of my bashed encountered brain with instant following pain.
Just as quickly dropped my tail, braked stopped with my butt, and spread my paws so wide.
I stopped a breath, a whisker away from living never more.
This tale I can tell and didn’t die explaining the reason why.
How was I to know that glass is clear and bright?
And though it seemed not-there-transparent,
it only lets in light!
Yep, I hit my head; was almost dead
and since, I ain’t been right.
And don’t you laugh, oh don’t you dare.
It’s you and me, no glass betwixt us stare.
So with my teeth, and claws so sharp so white.
that leg of yours I’ll grab,
and sink them deep and bight.
My name is Glitch and that’s the reason why,
‘I wound up with this twitch.

*Cat-o-neese for The End

As told to RdotTornello 2020 & The Village idiot Press