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Writers' Showcase

by John Andrew Nield

There’s a village in Greece; name of ‘Chrosto’.
That's noted for ‘nowt much to say’!
So it caused quite a bit o’ commotion,
when a limousine ‘appened their way.

It parked up in front of ‘Dimitri’s’
(the only 'otel wi’ some ‘clout’),
and out from the rear of the ‘Limo’,
a German, named Herman got out.

“I’m wanting a room!” barked the German.
“And I’m not bothered, how much I pay.”
Placing one hundred euros ont’ counter
“But, first show me where I would stay.”

Dimitri then called 'is assistant
(his eyes never leaving the note).
“Show this gentleman up to his chamber”,
whilst praying it gained Herman’s ‘vote’.

He scooped up the one hundred euros
- in a trice he was up on ‘is feet,
and 'urried across to the Butcher’s,
to settle the bill for ‘is meat.

“Sorry, old Pal,” said Dimitri.
“for making you wait, for a bit.”
“At least I’ve been paid! ” replied Spiros
(now clutching the note in his ‘mitt’).

Spiros then took the one 'undred,
and (not in the straightest of lines)
he staggered t’t shop in the village,
where ’Costas’ sold ouzo and wines.

Now, Costas, was fairly bowled over,
at the sight of ‘is customer’s wealth.
He’d never expected a payment.
(Well, not while he still ‘ad ‘is ‘ealth!)

So the cash, once again changed its owner,
into Costas’s ‘wandering paws’.
(I say that, as Costas owed money,
to one of the village's whores!)

The name of this ‘siren’ was ‘Trixi’. 
Who’d given ‘im credit, for sex.
On account of “he ‘adn't a sausage!”
(well, apart from the one in ‘is ‘kecks’!)

So ‘e ‘opped on ‘is bike with the money
and cycled to Trixi’s abode.
Where ‘e managed a quick ‘How’s yer Father’.
Then paid her the money, he owed.

Now, this ‘saved the day’ for young Trixi.
As she was a debtor as well.
She‘d kept out, the way o’ Dimitri.
Cos she owed for some rooms at th’otel.

But now she were ‘flush’, she got ‘cocky’
(and I don’t mean a china-mans, ‘thing’!)
She marched int’t ‘Hotel Dimitri’
and give the desk-bell a quick ‘ding’.

Dimitri, all smiles, welcomed Trixi,
with a “What can I do fer yer, Pet?”
I ‘ope yer not wantin’ a room, though.
Cos you’ve not paid fot last ‘buggers’, yet!

Well, Trixi was not for the ‘baitin’’. 
“It’s them’s that I’ve come about, ‘Chuck’.”
Placing one 'undred euros a-front him
(the very same note that ‘e'd took!)

“Thanks, ever so”, smiled Dimitri.
“Consider your debt cancelled out.
If, ever yer short o’ a mattress,
remember ter gi’ us a shout”.

As Trixi then left for a client
(and skipped down the path, through the gate)
Herman had done’t th’room inspection’
and ‘e wasn't best ‘appy at t'state.

“The room is a mess!”he derided,
as he snatched up his note from the bar.
“So I’ll have, back my ‘hundred’’, deposit.”
Then he left and drove off in his car.

In the sleepy Greek village of ‘Chrosto’,
There’s nowt much that ‘’appens, through’t day.
They’re waiting f’t ‘Bale-out’ from Europe.
(Yet yer’ve just witnessed one, anyway!)

Cos, when Greece gets a hold o’ the money,
they’ll, simply just pass it about.
And ‘Herman’ will charge ‘em a fortune 
-  in ‘Interest’, for not doin’ owt!