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Writers' Showcase

by Tom Schmidt

Being the “elder statesman” at my company is hard.  We now have so many of these “millennials” around that it’s scary for someone my age.  They tend to be more computer savvy and experienced with accessing information electronically than people from my generation.

“Oh Tommy.  Just get used to it.  The world is changing and the generation coming behind us is even more skilled at all the new computer technology.” 

Great.  Just what I wanted to hear.

So on the way home earlier today. I stopped at the local supermarket for a few items including 6 pack of beer.  The 16-year-old girl at the cash register apologized for having to verify my age and in doing so, she indicated that I was “clearly old enough to purchase the product”. 

“Sir, what is your birth date?”

My reply was virtually automatic and came without thought.  “01-27-58”.

The girl nodded as she typed the numbers into the cashier’s computer system.  “January 27….”  Then she stopped and looked confused for a moment.

“58??”   As in “1958?”

Smirking, I smiled and said yes.  Then I couldn’t help but reply….

“You know, if it were 1858 instead of 1958, then I would be 161 years old.”

She just looked back at me confused.