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Maid for each-other
by Vijai Pant

On the verge of the silver jubilee celebrations of our happy married life, we had hardly indulged in romanticism the filmi type- you know, what is termed as ‘made for each other’, till the time COVID-19 gatecrashed, with its seismic effects, luckily not the destruction in its trail, into our home, sweet home. Now, you would say that the pandemic is here, there and everywhere, and not just in our home. True enough, but then there would be very few couples pinning their hopes on their grown up children, as is the norm, to literally make a ‘song and dance’ of the re-run of our marriage anniversary. The whole plan has now gone kaput and with that our one last opportunity to show to the world our ‘made for each other’ love.

Thanks to the ‘novel’ coronavirus and the government locking us down in our home we are now expressing our love for one another in ‘novel’ ways. But then did we have any other choice in the matter? The first few days she had to coax me to get going, but now I have settled well into the daily rhythm of sweeping, dusting and mopping- all these coming under my sole command. Once the meals are done with, the overflowing utensils in the scullery patiently await my vigorous rub and rinse procedure. It is only natural that the finer aspects of the household chores she has kept to herself, while the brawny part comes to me.

Initially, when the lockdown started, I missed the kaam wali bai and the mali, but now in hindsight I think that giving them paid leave, without any nudge from those who had called COVID-19 that once in a lifetime opportunity (good that there won’t be more) to show our generous side, has definitely worked wonders for our love, bringing the ‘sizzle’ and the ‘simmer’ back into things.

Without that fancy WFH chasing me down, like it is doing the others, I am gainfully employing my waking hours to the fulfilment of some of those household tasks, which I had never acknowledged nor appreciated. When she compliments me on the gleaming utensils and the spick and span rooms, I burst forth my toothy grin, feeling more elated, perhaps, than that pat on the back by your boss in the company for having done the work well.

As for me, I never quite knew that she had been constantly upgrading her culinary skills and was well versed with all types of dishes. I name it and she makes it. There may be no chance of the grand 25th celebrations as planned earlier, but then I think there’s no need now to tell the world that we are made for each other. With ‘stay home, stay safe’ trending, you’ll not be able to drop in any time soon to see for yourself how happy we are having found our ‘work-life balance’ at last.

Truly, ‘maid for each-other’, I would say.