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In Defense Of Boys And Their Toys
by Rick Tornello

I’ve heard women state with out much debate
About noise and boys and their toys.
In tones it is said and drummed in our heads
Down for things we enjoy.
Stop and look hard at what has been charged
And manner of act tiv ity.
If we would  but and look
And become more familiar
Of past acts, THEY undertook.
Then we could claim similar in good face particular,
Without a blush or a LOOK.
Carriages with houses and all frilly babies,
Not bad, but toys just the same.
And theirs like ours got bigger with time
And we wound up playing Their games.
Older like us but the cost is too much
To ignore without a rejoinder.
Your toys oh my dears are costlier I fears
And think thou doth protest too much.
So girls and boys, yes to our toys
Sizes become oh so big.
But with their toys and payments one sided
It seems we’ve become oh so stuck.
So we play with their toys, pay and enjoy
And occasionally we do get to fuck.

By, Rick Tornello