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Heavy Semi Slumber
Married life #2
by Rick Tornello

A Kenworth, a Mack, Peterbuilt few.
Volvo rolls on, Mercedes limps too.
GM builds many, so does our FORD.
The badges are many, I’ll never get bored

Diesels I know from life on the road.
Muffled, un-muffled, Air Brakes and more.
Exhaust tunes distinct, yet some are so quiet.
When they sneak up and honk ya,
they surprise ya for sure!

Living at home, oh why must I suffer,
with a wife….. whose snores,
beats all mentioned upper.
It’s like sleeping on hi-ways:
then Truck Nightmare A-Wakes!
But It’s only…… dear wife
Applying…… J-brakes.

By R. Tornello 2007