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Writers' Showcase

God Doesn't Play Dice
by Rick Tornello

AND GOD is concerned.
Concerned his simEans might get it.
Reality - Nature.
Holographic principles/ INDRA’S NET a clue.
Time dilation as a glitch.
Non locality a wrong thrown switch.
The Grand Design trade-off needs,
Computational power for
The multi universe life simulations deeds.
Running all the TIME
Open for the few.
God is concerned his players
Will awake.
Their own decision they might make.
So to those that do
Scrambled brains
Martyrs they become,
While the rest,
Well, the’re are caught up in the games,
spanning millennia or two.

Apocalypse you say?
It’s just the plug being pulled.
God goes to the kitchen
Gets a snack and back to the play.
Boots up and begins again.
The big bang?
The on switch.
Conservation of energy shows
2nd law of thermodynamics holds
Reincarnation’s energy old,
new, in recast moulds.

“Hey Shiva, can you get me a brew?”

By Richard Tornello 2008
All rights reserved