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Epoch Designations
by Rick Tornello

Time is but a marker for all type events,
some big, some small,  no matter who or what, we use them all.
Then there are overarching names given to epochs signifying higher credents.
In the past one might find the designator ear marked by emperors’ or kings’
birth and deaths with a concomitant and possible loss of heads.
Today more customary, and still in usage
 BC or AD are sometimes replaced with the add-age BCE and CE,
generic and blander without all the religious and political bag-age and banter.
But no matter, rest still and sit with no fear.
They’re still all a construct of events past…for you and for me.
But now a new and unexpected situation prevails
not of king or emperors or gods or social travails.
Nothing great like a new civilization or conflict against an alien invasion.
Though with some thought and following consternation,
some might equate it with the last named situation.
Something new has set sail.
Now today we have BA and AA added to out epoch designated lives.
These are not grades of food or bank rating guides
but of Amazon’s delivery and total encompassing slide,
oh so, so big… and oh so world wide.
So give 3 cheers to the great new world’s orders.
BA or Before Amazon appearance,
a barbarian state was our adherence
to such chaotic dis-orders and purchasing malfeasance.
AA, or After Amazon’s is now a total take.
Its prime for you and prime for me,
and what’s more of course, we pay no shipping fees.
Your desires fulfilled swiftly be sure,
will be there tomorrow or today if you  willingly partake.
A glance out your window and open your door,
the drone with your package hoveringly awaits.
WE know what you’re thinking
“I never ordered this stuff”.
True to a point,           but we did know enough.
You didn’t have to order on phone or computer
You spoke your desires and Siri reported.
We packed up the items you really desired.
AA is our brave new designation.
No place is too far a shipping destination.
Just open your door and accept our free gift.
Trust us, it’s painless and oh just so quick.
Acknowledge and in turn you’ll be ours
to hold and to ship.
With a click just accept, it’s as simple as that.
To have and to hold, you’ll buy and we’ll ship.
And We promise, yes We promise,
you won’t mind, our-addictive-like-grip.
We have no need to hide behind FTC laws.
We have it on tape for training and guidance,
Just send it back if it’s broken or flawed.
In case you’ve forgotten, our arbitration claws,
should you actually attempt to legally deny us…
But no need to dwell on the legal small data
Relax, our off shore assistants can explain it all later.
With a click just accept, it’s as simple as that.
To have and to hold, you’ll buy and we’ll ship.
And We promise, yes We promise, again
you won’t mind, our-addictive-like-grip.

It won’t END

by RdotTornello 2018 & the Village idiot Press