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Writers' Showcase

Dodgy Dancing
by Bruce Costello

Winston’s first tour en l’air and volte-face happened when he walked into a huge spider’s web on his way back from the pub. His mates and passersby whistled and cheered. It was a pivotal moment for Winston, who bowed deeply and then performed a dazzling encore. Hooked on fame, he enrolled in dance classes, and soon was ready to astound the world.

His best friend Roland suggested a career in politics. “It’s like dancing,” he explained, “except there’s no music and no choreography, you just go forwards and backwards, sidestep a lot, change partners at will and take a swipe at whoever gets in your way.”

Winston stood for nothing and was voted into parliament by people who fall for anything.

His career advanced in leaps and bounds. He danced as if no one were watching. Except they were.

When he tried to combine limbo with moonwalking, Winston was caught with his pants down, and his career reached a new low.

Hounded by media, he dived for cover, but his demons seized him, and Winston’s final political act was a danse macabre akin to St Vitus dance with rapid, jerky movements, grimacing, and frothing at the mouth.