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Can't Take a Hint
by Tom Schmidt

Jack and Sally were very much a typical young engaged couple.  Wanting to live together for a while before formally getting married, Sally was determined to make sure that the couple could get along as domestic partners before the big commitment date. So she insisted that both of them share the household chores 50/50. That meant that Jack was expected to wash dishes and do laundry on specific nights each week.

Tuesday was a long day for Jack and when he got home late that night, he noticed that Sally was not around. Tired and exhausted from work, Jack went straight off to bed without even making himself dinner. He was fast asleep when Sally finally got home and was unaware that his young fiancÚ had slipped into bed shortly after 10 PM.

Jack awoke a short time later when he felt a hand softly going through his hair in a sensual, loving manner. Still groggy from his short sleep, Jack could see the smiling Sally lying next to him under the covers.  Instinctively reaching across, Jack started to caress the back of his fiancÚ . He suddenly stopped when he realized that Sally was not wearing her normal nightgown.  In fact, the young girl was naked, naked as a jaybird. Perplexed, he looked across at Sally and saw her winking and grinning back at him. Then it hit him.

“Oh my God Sally.  I am so sorry.  I completely forgot to do laundry last night.”

And with that, the young man fell back asleep while his fiancÚ looked on in disappointment….