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Can A Strictly Telepathic Communicating Race Sing The Blues?
by Rick Tornello

Our human eyes, ears, noses and tongues are designed
to receive a certain frequency–spectrum-set beyond
which and without specific tools we are blind,
deaf and dumb to all that is beyond our kind.
Other terrestrial animals and such are endowed and within their spectrum –set
and like us, need for a basic survive,
no more no less for each and every one of them derive.

Lets step outside the box for a minute or two
And consider the question I’m positing to you.
It’s something that hit me while driving my car
listening and realizing from a satellite orbiting out far.
“I wonder,” to my wife I asked, “in all seriousness
if an alien race with only a face,
was to eat, smell but speech talk erased,
and can hear within a given spectrum-set
to be more specifically exact,
were only telepathically able to chat,
do you think they’d be able to sing the blues like that?”

“You sing in your head don’t you?” she questioning quickly inquiringly replied.

Said I, “I hear the song in my head, but my voice never changes, not the tone
or the feeling or that feeling you get when its close to the bone.
So I’ll ask my question in a manner different:
“Can those who strictly communicate telepathically speak,
sing the blues or even croon romantically?
Even using instruments or synthesizers promote musical poetry
And yet with no voice from their body makes
No FOXP2 gene expressed, to sing or bellow like some other beast
Not forgetting I even mentioned songs so sweet,
And yes our speech is crude at best I’ll grant you that
when telepathy considered is more likely to be so very exact.
No mistakes in understanding no missed meaning in translating
all this exactitude might, my dear, constrain
The beauty of out music,
Sung in a manner to express ones pleasure or deep pain,
i.e., the blues more specifically,” I quickly explained.

She looked at me as if quite insane.
And in her manner of self-preservation refrained:
“Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road
Or you might end us both like that poor squashed toad
And we’ll both never see our abode
Can telepaths sing the blues?
You’re real crazy and I married you.
What a scatological load.”

I said, not willing to admit defeat, “Might they even consider it art,
or just noise from these wee monkey girls and boys?

Consider music is at basic a mathematical construct.
Might that open a thought to a deeper good look?
Suppose just suppose they might develop an interest
in the history of and the manner in which our race makes it?
The mathematical procedures and intricacy might be worth
that look and see, to try and play to learn just how
these monkeys put math to rhythm some how.

Mathematics is the language of the universe
And music might be it’s a way to converse
But back to my question
Never mind the mathematics
Can a telepathic race that never spoke
the FOXP2 gene erased or never expressed
and yet be technically impressed
wishing that they had invented, developed and patented
to galaxy exploited
(but instead to these Earth monkeys royalty due)
and they still can’t sing the blues.