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Writers' Showcase

Baby Names
by Andy Foster

Hey Julie! I only just heard that you’re expecting! Such wonderful news!

Thanks, Emily! Yes, Jeff and I are so excited! Hey, come on in … can I get you a coffee?

Yeah, that would be great, thanks; milk and one sugar, please. So … have you and Jeff come up with a name for him yet?

It might be a ‘her’!

Wow, that’s unusual! Is it Anglo-Saxon?

Is what Anglo-Saxon?


Er … yes, you’re right, as I said, it might be a ‘her’. Or, of course, it might be a ‘him’!

Wow again! So you’re choosing between ‘Itmightbeaher’ and ‘Itmightbeahim’?

Well, no, we don’t really have that choice …

And will it be ‘Itmightbeaher’ if it’s a ‘her’, and ‘Itmightbeahim’ if it’s a ‘him’?

I don’t quite follow …

Or is it ‘Itmightbeahim’ for a ‘her’, and ‘Itmightbeaher’ for a ‘him’?

Er … did you say milk in your coffee, Emily?

Or doesn’t it matter either way? Wow! In that case, it could it be ‘Itmightbeahim’ for a ‘her’ or a ‘him’, and ‘Itmightbeaher’ for a ‘him’ or a ‘her’! And if so … we know it might be a ‘her’, then it could be ‘Itmightbeaher’ or ‘Itmightbeahim’ for her; or, it might be a ‘him’, then it could be ‘Itmightbeahim’ or ‘Itmightbeaher’ for him!

… and one sugar?