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A Visit To The Vet
by Rick Tornello

My cat is sick.
We took her to the vets.
She looked her over, &,
took a lot of tests.
After all was said and done
Results and X-rays viewed,
listening to her sagacious advice,
She really had no clue.
A specialist was advised
To whom we made a call.
“This is new”, he said.
After reviewing the tests,
He thought “he’d seen it all.”
Our Miss Stella pulls her fur
from the time we brought her home.
A flea bitten kitten with some bug.
Just like one in a rug.
A cure?
None, no not even close
But a guess:
She’s allergic to all of us!
Humans make her fit and scratch.
Pulling patches from her back.
“The solution here is very clear.”
The prescription, the  most severe.
Down he wrote it, on his pad:
We were to leave!
Leave our house and be gone?
Our house,  t’was to be hers, et all.
For, she, was allergic to….  Us, recall?.
And since she was a puss puss puss,
The house was not suited for ones like us.
The Rx proscribed our living there
So she would not go pull her hair.
“And to The life, she was accustomed…..”
The sentence legal so directed.
If not, the ASPCA ad  minister
Would a call,
and to a jail/ we’d be hauled.
Thankfully  we don’t live in
Calaforn-I-A or County Montgomery,
Where this sort of thing can happen every day.
Remember the guy with a turtle box?
Seriously the courts defined
For the surgery not performed
then off to jail and deeply fined.
A criminal was he; now the stocks.
To these our lessons, we’ll defer
the courts allow us to abjure.
Rather then a sentence past.
The cat gets the house.
While We’re de loused.

By, Richard Tornello & approved by Stella The CAT, PA