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Writers' Showcase

Aunt Teake
by Rick Tornello

Batso in the belfry
Ding-dong in the brain
Just because it seems so,
Don’t mean I’m insane
Just Aunt Teake
I can run an argument tighter
Than Plato or Sophocles
Or pretend that I don’t get it
When ever I damn please.
I’m Aunt Teake.
A lady’s got her pride you know.
My age is mine to keep.
Asking question personal
Shows me you’re a creep,
I’m Aunt Teake!
One son is a sheriff
The other is a judge.
I know they’ll hate to do it
They know that  I won’t budge.
I’m Aunt Teake.
“No More Mom,” they’ll say to me
“The citizenry’s  all piqued.
No more behind the wheel because
We know…You’re antique.”

By Richard Tornello 2010