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A Solid Solution
by Paul Finnigan

“Wasn’t sure I’d make it,” huffed Layne Burchell as he and Clem Kilger peered under the steamy hood of Layne’s pick-up.          

“Just a hose,” grunted Clem. “We’ll borrow old Bessie’s. She’s been sittin’ idle the past three years anyhow. Yeah, been gettin’ round on good boot leather ever since.”

“Problem’s coolant,” sighed Layne. “Stuff’s like liquid gold these days and my next paycheque’s already spent.”

“Well, leave it with me. I’ll come up with somethin’,” uttered Clem. “C’mon back tomorrow mornin’.”

A fierce wind howled as Clem answered a knock at the door the next morning.

“Guess who?” chuckled Layne. “How’d yuh make out?”

“Well, laid in bed till near four this mornin’ thinkin’ over the sit-zi-ation,” said Clem. “I mean just what dad-gummed liquid don’t freeze mid-winter. No sense usin’ Clyde Peever’s corn whiskey. Twice the price of antifreeze. Denny Klatt’s hooch is no better. Set a bottle ‘tween the doors last winter to chill. Froze harder than Hattie Penner’s tea biscuits.

“What’d yuh use?” asked Layne.

“Crick water,” beamed Clem.

Both jaws dropped as the pair peeked under the hood, only to behold a distended, ruptured radiator.

“What the hell!” roared Layne.

“Can’t figure it, muttered Clem as the pair gazed over at a creek briskly flowing down the steep hillside by Clem’s shack.