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A One Way Ticket
This Ain't The Polar Express

by Rick Tornello

T’was a week before Christmas
And Kathrine’s main gift
was going to be a one way ticket to the naughty list:
A LegoŽ constructed Millennium FalconŽ in her hands bound
was smashed and crashed to pieces spread up-on the ground.
A Millennium Falcon some time consuming constructed,
with some pieces still unaccounted, was now completely busted.

She, threw things it in a childish fit of rage
based upon events that her nasty brother made.
I pondered upon some thought,
were she some child sage, her revenge could have been a bit more staid.
But from her mothers lips these words were instantly stated and no pardon was extended:
“That’s a one way ticket to the naughty list,
and that trains pulls out of this station next.
To your room, you’re now confined.
It’s better than spanking your behind.”

Trademarks like LEGO owned by whom ever, not my problem. It’s just a point of reference.

By, R.TornelloŠ 2020 & the Village idiot Press