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An Internal Investigation
by Stephen Philip Druce

I went for a prostate check. It was a rigorous examination. So rigorous in fact, that the doctor got her head stuck in my ass.

I was faced with a dilemma - how could I remove her before she suffocated?.

I recalled my days in the army, and decided to carry out a military style rescue.

I got on my hands and kness - like I'd done in training, and slowly crawled out of the doctor's room - dragging the doctor with me until we reached the waiting room.

I recruited two people waiting there. I yelled "attention! - the doctor is stuck in my ass!. I want you to pull her out and that's an order!. You hold her left leg and you hold her right leg and pull alternatively ok?. Left right! left right! left right!".

Finally after much endeavour the doctor was freed.

"What's the verdict on my prostate?" I asked the doctor.

"I don't know - I was facing the wrong way" she said.