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Writers' Showcase

Al Dente
by Joan Leotta

Al Dente: Meaning pasta cooked so that it has a slight hardness "to the tooth" when you bite a strand to determine if it is done

We walked into
the new red, white and
green-themed bistro.
"Seat Yourself" a sign
by the register directed.
We did.
A smiling waitress wandered up
to our table as we studied
the chalkboard offering
of  pasta-bilities
and other choices
artfully scribbled out
above the bar.
I smiled back and asked
"Is your pasta al dente?"
She sauntered back to the kitchen,
returning a few minutes
later. She reported,
"No Al Dente's ever worked here.
No one in the kitchen
has seen any sign of him."
We ordered pizza.

 First Published in Poeming Pigeon 2015 Food Anthology