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Writers' Showcase

X File
by Doug Hawley

Dental hygienist Helen Baron was forty years old, unmarried and childless. She so envied all of her clients who had children. Helen had tried every way she could to get pregnant, but nothing worked.

She became so desperate that she looked up the address of one of her clients who was the single mother of a one year old child, and broke into the house when the mother was gone and kidnapped the kid.

At first she was delighted to finally have her baby, but after the thrill was gone, she started to feel so guilty. At work she spent the day sighing and crying.  She worried about the poor mother who was missing her child. After three months she surrendered to the FBI.

Fox Mulder wanted to take over the case because it involved a “sighing flosser”. That’s when everyone learned that Mulder was dyslexic.