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Writers' Showcase

by Doug Hawley

A movie producer is pitching his ideas to a network executive. The executive gets things started.

“What do you want to pitch me?”

“Get ready to be excited. Listen to these ideas.”

“Her teenage daughter is in danger from getting mixed up with a stranger she met on the internet. She thinks that the stranger is at least forty and has left a string of broken women behind.”

“Her husband has a mysterious past.  When she comes home and he is on the phone, he abruptly hangs up. His two former wives died under mysterious circumstances. Sometimes she gets phone calls with nobody on the other end of the line.”

“Her ex is stalking her. She keeps getting creepy email and notes left on her desk. Somebody has been in her house, but nothing has been taken.”

“A younger woman from his work obsesses about her husband and calls him at all hours. Is she losing her husband to the co-worker?”

“Their pet has died under mysterious circumstances and her daughter will only confide in the nanny. She caught the nanny leaving the bedroom when she got back unannounced early from a business trip.”

“The Women’s Movie Network channel has run each of those plots at least twice in the last three years.”

“So you’re not buying?”

“I didn’t say that. We’ve got a few spots open next month. Can you get me three of those in forty days for under a quarter million each?”

“I think that you got a deal.”

Short bio - The author is a short little old man.